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Taming Technology: How to Easily Manage Your Business Online

If there is one thing that confounds entrepreneurs and holds them back from building a solid business, it’s technology. You struggle to figure out how your autoresponder connects to your website, and what page to send buyers to after they complete their purchase. You’re confused by the sheer volume of choices available for every aspect of your business. And you can’t even decide if you need a credit card processor, or if PayPal is enough.

You’re not alone. Every business owner goes through this. The good news is that when you are first starting out, you really only need a few pieces, and they’re not that difficult to manage. 

Your Website

This is your home base online. It’s where potential clients will go to learn more about you. It’s where you’ll blog, post videos, maybe host a podcast, and create your sales and landing pages. All of these things will grow naturally as your business grows, so don’t get stressed out with the details. Just start off with the key information your potential clients need… 

  1. How you can help them
  2. Your Contact Information
  3. How they can get started easily

Email Manager

The next step is to begin building your mailing list, and for that you’ll need an autoresponder service such as AWeber or MailChimp. Ideally, you’ll want to create a series of follow-up emails that are sent on a pre-determined schedule. These are a part of your product funnel, and are designed to promote your products and services to your new subscriber. 

You’ll need to create an opt-in offer—perhaps a free report or cheat sheet—then place a form on your website to collect email addresses. 

Shopping Cart or Payment Processor

Customers must have a way to pay you, whether for a product or private coaching. There are simple ways to do this, depending on the website platform you use. WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix all have stores that can easily be built into your website and there are payment processors available like Stripe and PayPal that can help you as well.

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